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DDS by Rocersa

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Last year Rocersa introduced at Cevisama 2019 a new digital ceramic production system: DDS-Dry Digital System. For this reason, the Spanish brand had been awarded with the Alfa de Oro 2019 ceramic innovation award, a recognition for the implementation of this new system that offers, among other things, designs and durability enviable.

DDS is the new Full Digital technical product family developed by Rocersa. This year, the brand presented at Cevisama 2020 four new design lines for its Premium product, in a space designed only for its flagship product.

But first, what is DDS?

DDS comes from the development of a new digital press technology where, for the first time, the Triple Synchronised Digital Load system can be put into practice in the Spanish ceramic industry. 

The development of this technology has been designed to offer a high value-added product, which maximizes efficiency through the use of current facilities along  the digitization process during production, including the pressing phase.

DDS by Rocersa


Rocersa has achieved the creation of ceramic pieces in which the digital design is applied from the first layer, which offers a product with a unique durability in the market. Resulting in a significant improvement of technical and aesthetic characteristics of the product. The print of the design is no longer a superficial element as it is developed within the body of the piece, proprieties that are especially valued in the commercial projects.

Being a Full Digital process, it is a more efficient sustainable and eco process, where water usage, glazes and clay losses are drastically reduced since the exact quantities are applied to the piece. 

Among the technical characteristics of this material, in addition to being a sustainable material, its impermeability, its total resistance to the drastic changes of temperature and fire resistant.

With DDS technology, the final product stands out for its design, but above all, for its durability, which is much appreciated when creating spaces where traffic use is highest. And the applications are unlimited, airports, professionals kitchens, hospitals, swimming pools, squares and pedestrian streets, included the bike lane. 

This new product has a body formed by different mixtures of minerals materials that reproduce the nature. These are the four design lines that Rocersa has created for this 2020.


The Hardwood collection is inspired by the natural aging of wood and the marks left by the passing of time. 

Time moves at a slower pace in this elegant collection where the use of exclusive DDS technology brings out the character of wood to the full, highlighting its beauty and the visual impact of its myriad textures and reliefs. Unique and unrepeatable. 

Colours reflect the tones of nature, featuring integrated designs and original, eye-catching combinations that create sophisticated settings with character. 


Aruba DDS by Rocersa



Mitered Matt Antislip 

Aruba is elegant, serene.

The inspiration comes from the world around us, therefore, the creativity is found in textures, materials, in nature. Rocersa search, discover and shape new materials that adapt to the decorative needs of people and serve as an emotional bridge between our home and the nature to which we belong.

In a world full of trends, the Aruba collection is able to enhance the classic essence of traditional decorations and offer, at the same time, the opportunity to discover a decorative future that will never go out of style.

It is a timeless collection, which presents without excesses a new typology of material that perfectly combines natural elements such as grains of sand with delicate marble veins. 


Mitered Matt Antislip 

Granite, the rock that covers most of the Earth’s crust, has been revamped in an exclusive collection that has joined forces with DDS technology to create an innately natural surface that combines amazing realism with outstanding performance.

Illusion has been designed for use in indoor-outdoor spaces. Offering a myriad of decorative options and eliminating architectural barriers. Bold and innovative by nature, the structure material is visible thanks to its triple load, multipliyng the many virtues of its surface.


Mitered Matt Antislip 

Oxidium is proof that nature and technology can work together, offering high performance surfaces suitable for outdoor and indoor spaces. DDS technology allows for triple load production, considerably enhancing the aesthetic appeal of this material. 

This hallmark collection will withstand the test of time and passing fads, thanks to an industrial appearance that adds to the charm of public spaces and the décor of private settings, surprising observers with its stylish and well-defined character. 


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