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Discover your next dream destination with Realonda

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What is your dream destination? That place you first want to visit when we have safer circumstances in the world.

Why not bringing the spirit of that place into your home?

With Realonda’s collections, you can immerse yourself into different places and cultures. Their elegant and exotic appeal will enthrall you with the endless possibilities.

Alhambra Collection by Realonda

Catch a glimpse of yourself dining in an Arab palace, surrounded by the palpable elegance and attention to detail of ALHAMBRA. Geometries, prints and vital colours are some of the keys behind these series of Arabic inspiration, where traditional ceramics play the main role in decoration portraying all the beauty, quality and elegance.

Alhambra Collection by Realonda

Or you can step on Andalusian floor each time you take a bath after a long day, transforming a regular habit into a luxurious ritualistic experience. 

This  collection of porcelain stoneware tiles is available in one single format and colour, although it includes up to 24 different designs (which come mixed in the boxes). Reflection of the typical Andalusian ceramics. 

Andalisí by Realonda

Discover a piece of Portugal right in your living room, with a modern twist to the Portuguese traditional ceramics and Mediterranean inspirations. Check SÈVRES, LISBON and  SINTRA Collections.

Evoke the finesse and geometrical patterns of the antique French palaces.  A sophisticated contrast to dress your rooms and transform your home into a palatial residence with ORLY series. 

Dare to dream on a large scale and go further, with this modern take on the classicist aesthetic.

The natural stone merges with the purity of the antique sculptures and flows with the simplicity of old ages.

With ROMA, you have an ample range to construct a timeless space. This collection is a classic travertine of great versatility, available in cream-ivory shades and different formats and finishes.

Reinterpretation of the eternal seduction of natural stone, with ample possibilities of textures, chromatic variety and formats always keeping its imperishable beauty.

It is ideal for personalizing all types of indoor and outdoor spaces.

Roma by Realonda
Antigua by Realonda
Antigua by Realonda

A reverie of ancient times: the magic of ANTIGUA. Why limiting yourself to travel through space when you can travel through time? 

Thanks to its mix of designs, its untreated care and its worn finish, the Antigua collection honors the ceramic of all life

The texture and naturalness of clay reproduced in these collections, with different finishes and decorations in this timeless material inspired by floors and ancient objects made of raw earth, clay and aggregates, coloured with pigments, used since the Greek and Roman times.

Bring the World to your House with Realonda.