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New wall tile collection by Vitacer

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Select distinction

Onyx is a semi-precious stone able to infuse living space with an exclusive air of select distinction.

The Marmora series unites the beauty of this superior delicate stone from Brazil´s famous quarries with porcelain tiles in a satin finish, ensuring techinical characteristics over and above those of real onyx. 

Exquisite Realism

Inspired by exquisite pieces of Calacatta Gold marble, the Varenna series stands out for its technical and aesthetic perfection. It combines all the elegance of real marble with the advantages of ceramic tiles.

The series´ design is astonishingly realistic, thanks to the transparency of its colours and elegance of its veins, with subtle touches of mink and ochre on a luminous, almost translucent ivory white background.


MARMORA and VARENNA series are already available in size 13”x36”, white body ceramic rectified, in glossy finish.

For specification of sizes and price contact us.