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Rocersa already has the QB UPEC Certificate.

Our partner Rocersa is increasing the standard of quality on their products. 

The QB UPEC seal guarantees the quality of ceramic products for the French market.

In the constant search for excellence in product quality, Rocersa continues to invest in technological equipment. In this case, acquiring the “Mazaud” machine used to measure the resistance of ceramic pieces for their facilities and to guarantee their quality through the QB UPEC seal.

Guarantee for the French market. The QB UPEC quality seal classified within the NF certificate, is a collective certification mark for the French market. The seal is endorsed by the Centre Scientifique et Technique du Batiment on France. It provides the guarantee that the ceramic floors and wall tiles comply with the safety and quality regulations according to established technical specifications.

QB UPEC Seal, How is the quality of the product valued? Thanks to the Mazaud machine, the Rocersa plant already performs rigorous quality controls in which the following values are considered: 

U – resistance to wear 

P – resistance to perforation or breakage 

E – resistance to humidity and water 

C – resistance to chemical agents

The higher the value of the index obtained in each of the tests, the greater the resistance of the ceramic material for each of the criteria. 

Rocersa want to satisfy the needs and demands of their and our customers and France is one of the important markets for the brand. Thanks to the acquisition of the “Mazaud” machine we can put our products to the test. To guarantee that Rocersa meets the quality standards required by the French market and its products have the BQ UPEC quality seal.