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Rocersa’s New Web

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We bring you wonderful news!

Our partner, Rocersa, has launched a brand new website!

This times we’re living are bringing new consumption habits, and their new web is an accessible and useful tool that will improve communication.

We took a look into their website and found ourselves in a world of textures, delicacy and richness.

To add to the broad range of products they’re exhibiting, and to ease your search, they’ve incorporated new search filters as aesthetic, material, formats or surface finishing. 

For instance, the ‘effect‘ filter and choose between wood, concrete, stone, marble, texture, color, etc. Or you could use the ‘stay’ filter and be delighted with elegant rooms and seductive aesthetics. 

Presenting their corporate identity to perfection, their website connects the visual aspects to functionality, satisfying the needs of all audiences. You’ll be able to go deep into countless options of aesthetic proposals.

Rocersa New

It’s a marvelous way to inspire industry professionals as well as end costumers; their new videos and unique environments stand out acting as a landscape, but showcasing at the same time all the technical information. A full variety of options to help you create classic spaces as well as modern ones. Delve into their latest collections, as Livermore and its rich appeal or Nomade with its natural balance and create your dreamed environment.

While image is in the spotlight, they’re new web is primarily designed to make browsing and searches easier through their wide range of products, putting the focus on the costumer’s needs by making it a pleasing experience. This interactive catalogue will be a splendid way to get to know Rocersa’s most prominent projects in Spain or even Sidney, and to get inspired by their different collections.

Improving their digital marketing strategy, they give a new step that will bring them closer to their public, making the contact with the brand much more accessible and approachable. A world of subtle shades and elegance awaits for you.