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Roots by Rocersa

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New Marble Series by Rocersa

Capraia Bianco

Roots is here to stay. 

As roots are nourished by the earth, Rocersa is nurtured by the texture and depths of it. They thrive in the desire of showing the world of architecture new ways to create environments.

Rocersa’s new collection came to seduce us with its marble designs intertwined with the strength of porcelain tiles.

Endless possibilities of installation, floors, interior walls and facades. Decorative solutions for appealing designs.

The sky is the limit with a collection so versatile and highly adaptable. With this new line of products, they offer a vast range of possibilities, being able to create a more glamorous atmosphere as well as a bold, modern space.

Feel earth’s power through a polished finish with Rocersa’s Roots.

Calacatta Gold