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The Latest Trends in Tile Industry

When decorating our house, you need to be prepared for the multiple designs, trends and the inevitable problem of choosing the correct design priorities for your life. 

Decorative tiles reflect the essential features of the design. They are ideal for accentuating walls, niches, columns, and fireplaces. Tiles meet modern premises’ requirements because they compromise the unique beauty of nature and modern design. Thanks to them, we can create a fashionable arrangement, harmoniously combined.

Perhaps such mimicry is quite reasonable, but those who want to create a house with a unique concept and for true connoisseurs that still look closely at the current trends in the design of floor and wall tiles. We invite you to evaluate the tile design trends for 2021 based on the core values – comfort, adaptability, and a unique story.

Marbles Tiles

Marble has found its way throughout the years and has become a popular element into our interiors, both as an accessory, floor or wall covering or simply as a kitchen surface. 

We are sure that one of the most outstanding trends of next year will be the black marbles.  Designers recommend using two contrasting tile colors in the interior. Therefore, black often acts as a complement to the light shade. This design option harmonizes the space and looks elegant.

In the interior, black looks elegant and luxurious. You can successfully combine marble with other finishing materials. Most manufacturers offer deep black tiles today.


Wood Tiles

Wood imitation remains at the peak of popularity for many years. Such tiles have a textured surface, perfectly imitate natural wood, and are ideal for decorating bathrooms, work surfaces, and particular interior areas.

The tile material is also suitable for wall cladding. Textured cladding allows you to create an original interior with aesthetic notes of natural wood. Woody motifs look appropriate in the country and rustic styles. Ceramic would also be suitable for an ethnic style. You can combine imitation wood tiles with bamboo panels and natural stone.

Wood imitation creates a cozy and pleasant atmosphere. The material can be used to create the necessary accents in the interior and highlight functional areas. You can decorate the remaining areas with tiles in a neutral color.


Brick Effect

Urban collection of “brick” style, so fashionable according to the latest aesthetic trends in interior design. Porcelain tile that mimics rustic brick very realistically, but which, nevertheless, is perfect for the design of rooms and modern and contemporary environments. Multiples manufacturers make this collection and avaliable a wide range of colors. The strength and contrast in these collections of ceramic flooring and cladding. Surfaces that shine with beauty, elegance and sophistication.

Urban spaces with a vintage flavour created from the reflection of traditional brick, classic format able to adapt to multiple environments, both indoors and outdoors. Another question is to choose the right color. The shade of gray is undoubtedly the trendiest and most frequently desired shade. Its timeless and modern character speaks for this, although, of course, it is a matter of taste.

A significant advantage of brick look tiles is its versatility, thanks to which it will perfectly fit both the traditional character and the modern version. If an idyllic character dominates the room, shades of beige and brown are excellent choices. We recommend the all-gray option for contemporary interiors, where the same shades of gray or similar options prevail.


Patterns and 3D effects

Texturiced tiles are an new trend. The material is suitable for stand out a niche. You can create the illusion of three-dimensional space in a room with the help of a trendy 3D effect in 2021. This option is suitable for a small area when you need to expand the dimensions visually. Designers do not recommend using tiles to decorate the entire space.

Embossed volumetric tiles will be an excellent solution for decorating a wall panel. With such a cladding, you can lay out an image, which will look very unusual in the interior. If you are an adherent of a dynamic modern style, volumetric tiles are the right choice.

With the tile’s help, you can turn a room into a beautiful ocean, a fairy forest, a tropical island. The tiles are manufactured using new technologies allows you to simulate geometric shapes or volumetric images.