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Valencia will be World Design Capital® (WDC) 2022

In September 2019, The World Design Organization (WDO)® announced that Valencia (Spain) has been named World Design Capital® (WDC) 2022 as a result of its longstanding design legacy, which has become a leading example of a city’s effective and strategic use of design on the development of public policy and its impact on industry. Valencia is the eighth city to hold this biennial designation.

Our partners, TAU Ceramics, will be the first company in the ceramic sector to support Valencia as the World Design Capital 2022. After many months of work, it became official at the last edition of Cevisama 2020.

The Secretary-General of the WDO, Bertrand Derome, communicated the committee valued “the precision, rigour and professionalism” of Valencia’s proposal, as well as “the cohesion and strength” of the industry. A factor that adds to the “maturity of Valencian design”, that the jury itself acknowledged after a two-day visit to Valencia. 

In this visit, the WDO met the main driving forces of the candidature. The jury was very convinced with the fact that the private initiative is restoring heritage buildings of the past to harness them to serve the city. 

This designation is the result of a number of design professionals, architecture and graphic illustration of different generations and age groups.

Valencia has the unique opportunity to strengthen the commitment with the community, and to redefine the collective action for a better world.

Although activated from the city of Valencia, this project aims to incorporate the interests of Alicante and Castellón, acting as a driving force and promoter of the whole of Valencia.

The mayor, Joan Ribó assured that this is “Valencia’s achievement” and he pointed out that the designers from  the Community “have made history”.

The World Design Capital for the city of Valencia is not an event; it’s a process. We believe design is a driver of innovation. It allows and fosters change, and introduces the basis to improve communication as well as quality of life, which makes for a thriving local community.

Design is therefore a tool for generating capacities for innovation in urban environments, that in the short term, must serve to solve problems and overcome conflicts; in the medium and long term, must lead to systemic changes.

Tau Ceramic is among the 10 collaborating companies are firms that are supporting the Valencian project.

With half a century of experience, Tau will further consolidate themselves with this new challenge.

We are sure they will add their vast experience to the attractive Valencian project, demonstrating their professionalism and reliability and maintaining their brand leading status within the global market.

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