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The Tile & Stone Connection is the best connection between ceramic, porcelain and stone US Distributors with the manufacturing sources in Europe, providing high quality products. We have been offering our services for over 25 years, and our main customer market is focused in the US.

For our company, human relations are an essential part of the process, which is why our partners and we provide the most efficient customer experience ensuring the total satisfaction of all of our American partners. Our location facilitates our intermediation work to solve any rather request that our customers in the other side of the Atlantic might have, in the most and efficient possible way.

The team of TTSConn specializes in providing modern style and quality products from stunning natural stones, tiles, ceramics and porcelain collections specializing in interior, exterior, floor, wall, residential and commercial projects manufactured by the most important factories in Spain.

We’ll always try to make your life easier, turning your problems into solutions.

about us

What We Offer


We offer a direct connection between factories and customers. A premium linkage between the manufacturing sources in Spain and the US distributors. The collaboration with our partners is part of a strategy to offer value, competitive prices and the best customer service through every step of their purchase process.

Quality Products

We are located in Valencia, the main manufacture spot of the materials we offer. All our product selection is made with the highest quality standards, visibly in every piece, in every design and collection with a variety of aesthetics and absolutely natural colors from stones, tiles, ceramics and porcelain.


A new generation of high performance tiles, in multiple formats, offering multiple solutions for indoors and outdoors. The applications and the sizes are as many as can be imagined. We offer a wide range of special design pieces to solve any construction detail and the possibility of combining with other materials for creating design environments.

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